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Dukan diet Consolidation Phase

After I stopped smoking I started to put pounds on. I have tried loads of diets and what I like about the Dukan Diet is that you can eat some foods as much as you like and combine work and dieting without trouble. The Dukan diet Consolidation Phase is the third phase of the diet. […]

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Dukan diet overview

The first two phases are bit difficult and require a considerable amount of self-determination and will power while the other two phases are carried out for maintaining the body weight and to prevent the boy from regaining the lost weight. What makes the Dukan diet so special? It is the fact that the plan is […]

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Wonders of Protein Diet

Each person has an opinion on what the finest method to do when it comes to dieting. There are a lot of diets that may help people drop weight in just a short period but are eventually unhealthy. These days, medical practitioners agree that protein diet will help keep weight off at the same time […]