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Different Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Cooking

How can I use coconut oil in the kitchen? Coconut oil can be used for cooking of any hot dishes: soups, side dishes, vegetables, meat and fish dishes, snacks and hot sauces. Also, it can be added to baked goods and pastries, as well as be used for deep-frying. Try to cook pilaf or ordinary […]

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Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can give tremendous thermogenic effect on the body. MCT contained in it is like high-octane gasoline that can make the engine work higher. MCTs, burn more calories and increasing metabolic rate. MCT is also readily absorbed and burned faster. Here are some health benefits of coconut oil One of the benefits of coconut […]

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Four Phase Approach – Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet recipe options that have been created include only the foods that are allowed on the diet and the eating plan does have a very specific number and type of foods that can be consumed while on the program. The basics of Dukan are centred around the concept of limiting your food intake […]

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Chocolate garnish on Dukan Diet

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (suitable for Dukan diet). 1 skimmed milk tablespoon. 1/2 tablespoon sweetener. Suitable from cruise phase Maybe you are looking for ways to gussy up your desserts and add a special finishing touch. But maybe you think that you are on a diet, and it’s not possible. Well, now, you can […]