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Four Phase Approach – Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet recipe options that have been created include only the foods that are allowed on the diet and the eating plan does have a very specific number and type of foods that can be consumed while on the program.

The basics of Dukan are centred around the concept of limiting your food intake to the way our ancient ancestors used to eat. This model of food choices is based on the idea that we evolved from hunter-gatherers and our bodies respond best to being fueled in the same way today.

Why choose the Dukan Diet?

The Dukan diet recipe choices that are found in books and online include only the foods that are clean, healthful and close to nature. The use of chemicals and processed foods is minimized due to the food list that dieters use to create their meals.

The Dukan diet has many advantages for people who want to lose weight. One advantage is that the list of permitted foods for the dieter is just 100 items. This can eliminate guesswork and help the dieters devise their own Dukan diet recipe if they wish to experiment with their meal plans and create things on their own.

Another advantage of Dukan is the four-phase approach of the beginning phase, a more strict plan with rapid weight loss as a goal, then the longer phase that will last a week for each kilogram that the person wishes to lose. A goal loss of ten kg. will mean ten weeks in the second phase. The third phase introduces the concept of a ‘celebration meal’ that permits the dieter to eat anything they wish during one meal per week. And finally, the fourth or stabilization phase where long term maintenance habits are learned. Any Dukan diet recipe that is used will work in most phases of the plan and at any stage other than the first, more restrictive one.

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