soap made from coconut oil

Coconut Oil Soap

A brief introduction on soaps made of coconut oil

Coconut oil is used for making soaps because it generates lather incredibly, the solidity it puts into the soap and the moisturizing capabilities. For making soap some chief kinds of coconut oil are there. And these types of coconut oil include 92 degrees, 76 degrees, fractionated and virgin coconut oil.

The coconut oil is composed of iodine, fatty acid and SAP and the table below can show the approximate values.

Linoleic 2.1%

Lauric 47%

Oleic 7.5%

Linolenic 0%

Ricinoleic 0%

Palmitic 8.5%

Stearic 2.5%

Iodine value 10

Myristic 18.5%

SAP value potassium hydroxide.258

SAP value sodium hydroxide.184

After making the soap, some of the characteristics can be seen within the completed item. They are:

  • Presence of bubbly foam.
  • Some stable and soft lather.
  • Strong cleansing.
  • Some conditioning.
  • Presence of solidity.

The coconut oil produces lather exceedingly. Coconut oil generates such huge foam that most of the soap making by coconut oil will suds in saline water. The coconut oil soap produces bubbly foam and soft leather. The coconut oil is an amazing component which can be used in making soap to add solidity to the soap. And that is why this characteristic of soap is very much beneficial if anyone wants to make soap with some other oils that alone would not able to make a harder product.

Amount of coconut oil for making Soap

The quantity of coconut oil for soap producing depends mainly on the kind of soap black latte opinie. The kind of soap will determine how much coconut oil should be used while making the soap.

The use of the huge quantity of coconut oil will generate a drying component and hence for making a mild soap the amount of coconut oil should not be more than 20% of the total oil used. And if the amount of coconut oil used is less then it will generate a moisturizing property.  So while making a mild soap the amount of soap used should be moderate. On the other hand, if you want to produce a soap with great lather, extreme cleansing effect and hardness then you can use 100% of the total oil used.

The soap with 100% coconut oil is known as “soap of seaman” due to the reason that it produces lather even in saline water.  And while making soap with 100% coconut oil, ensure to superfast at a great percentage. The range of superfast from 18% to 20% will be beneficial otherwise the soap will be very harsh.

Kinds of Coconut oil for making soap

Different types of coconut oil can be used to make soap.

76 degree coconut oil

At 76 degree F the coconut oil will convert into liquid. It helps in producing lather and it adds solidity to the soap.  This type of coconut oil can be considered as the most accepted kind for making soap.

92 degree coconut oil

At 92 degree F the coconut oil will convert into liquid. This type of coconut oil is likely to be more hydrogenated than the 76 degree coconut oil. The soap produced by 92 degree coconut oil is harder but does not produce nice foam like 76degree coconut oil.

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