lots of chocolate with a jar

Chocolate garnish on Dukan Diet


  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (suitable for Dukan diet).
  • 1 skimmed milk tablespoon.
  • 1/2 tablespoon sweetener.

Suitable from cruise phase

Maybe you are looking for ways to gussy up your desserts and add a special finishing touch. But maybe you think that you are on a diet, and it’s not possible. Well, now, you can add chocolate garnish to your desserts with no regrets.

This is an easy way to add personalized messages in any dessert. Trust me, that’s very easy and funny to make. You can ask your kids for some help and have a good time!

Directions for 1 chocolate garnish:
1. Add the cocoa powder teaspoon, the skimmed milk teaspoon and the 1/2 sweetener teaspoon.
2. Mix the ingredients.
3. Now, cut the corner of a plastic bag, we will use it as a pastry.
4. Add the mixture inside the plastic bag corner.
5. Now, put an aluminium foil on the marble’s kitchen.
6. That’s the funny moment: draw with the DIY pastry any shape you want to add to your dessert. I made a nice spiral.
7. Now, fold the foil, and it to the freezer, about 4 hours more or less.
8. After the 4 hours, you can unmold the chocolate garnish, add it to your dessert, and ….
9. Enjoy this funny and delicious recipe! 

Remember, you can add cinnamon to the mixture, to make a different touch to the chocolate.

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