bee on a flower

Summer Stingers: Bee Sting Allergy

It’s a fact.  Annoying insects are just about unavoidable during the summer months.  Mosquitoes are bad enough, but for those who suffer from severe reactions to bee stings, summer can be a time of dread. Summer should be a time to enjoy the great outdoors, but for people who have had severe reactions to venomous […]

red cute cat

The Best Cat Breeds For People With Allergies

Many domesticated creatures, particularly dogs and cats, not only teach individuals, even children, responsibility, but pets also bring out positive characteristics in people, like kindness and compassion. Let’s face it, fuzzy and cute animals often bring out the kid in each individual. But others cannot have just any pet that they want because of their […]

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All about allergy and allergy treatment

Allergy is a term broadly used in describing a reaction of body tissues that is unusual to a substance that has no distinctive or noticeable effect on other humans. According to studies, about 17 out of every 100 Americans are allergic, or hypersensitive, to some substances which are known to cause unusual reactions. These substances, […]

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A Look At Allergy Products

 Do allergy products make a difference? Plenty of speciality products exist, and if you are looking, you can find products for every room in the home and practically every part of your body. HEPA air filters and filters for your vacuum cleaner; 100% pure cotton bedding and pillows; masks that you can wear at work, […]